Belkis Barajas


I am Belkis Barajas, first of all I am a mother and wife, born in Venezuela, I grew up taking my bottle under a couch facial, sounds strange, but it was fun; I have lived in the world of aesthetics always, I am the daughter of one of the most recognized and beloved of my city and from which I learned almost everything that this wonderful world of aesthetics beauticians. I love to enjoy family life and I love online shopping.

I am a woman like any other, very normal and defective, I don't have perfect skin, which is why I work in skin care, because from experience the sacrifice, care and economic investment that we all women and men to look beautiful and healthy skin.

I am a beautician by vocation, I started in 1997, but totally dedicated to this profession in 1999, I started working and being guided by my mother in her aesthetic, comes to USA in 2001 and from there nobody stopped me, each day exploring and learning more about all this world of beauty.

8 years ago started Sparsonal, a new and different in the world of personal aesthetic concept was born from the need for some of my clients looking for a unique and private treatment in the comfort of their homes. Giving a beautiful, comfortable and above all private area without having to leave their homes, where beauty specialists could spoil them and take care of your skin.

I love very much what I do, I like to talk and meet people, and this profession has helped me to exercise this hahaha, I love working as good Ariana, I am faithful to the natural beauty and love bring out its shine and potential but also I'm a fan of all kinds of extra help to make us look better. I love trying new products and techniques, I like to share my tips with my clients and friends, there goes my interest in starting this blog.

Today is born this website, an adventure with the help and encouragement of my husband, we are creating a space to share information and my knowledge that you can apply in your daily life, and show to you my skincare product line.

Belkis Barajas, My purpose... To help you bring out the best in you, with my experience I'll give you tips and product information you can use sites where buying, spending little or a lot depending on its quality and especially your pocket.

You can have the confidence to e-mail and know your opinions and comments and if you have something good you can share with me experiences or topics that interest about beauty I am open to listening and help you in whatever you want, I'm sure that in my web and blog you will find a consultant to guide you and help you in a more personal way.